Mattress Health
Mattresses should be replaced every 7 years if used regularly. However, any of the following indicates the end of it's healthy life;
 - Sagging along the side or valleys forming in the mattress.
 - Sounds coming from inside.
 - Damaged quilted cover or a loss of comfort and support.
 - It feels lumpy and would be embarrassing if others saw it without covers.
 - Have you had a better nights sleep in another bed?
 - Is the bed large enough or would more room be better.

Emperor 3' & 4'6'' Mattresses
A 22cm thick open coil construction with a deep quilted cover. Standard duty medium firm at an affordable price.
Single 3' £79
Standard Double 4'6" £99 (other sizes available)
Mattress Only
Click here to see Emperor Divan Set

Aleena Mattress
A 24cm thick open coil construction hypo allergenic mattress topped with memory foam and luxury knitted fabric. Great value.
Single 3' £119
Standard Double 4'6" £159
(other sizes available)
Mattress only

Tensel Zero Gravity 1000 Pocket Sprung
Tencel 30cm thick mattress. A 1000 pocket springs topped with the latest technology stretch fabric which is backed by “Zero Gravity” support Breathable Foam. Hypo-Allergenic and Extra Support. “Our Finest Mattress.” 

3’ Single £299
4’ 6” double £499
5’ King size £599

Sovereign Mattress
This mattress is a 30cm thick, firm support unit. This is from the Dreamland Backcare range with the following features; Orthopaedic, coil sprung, multi layers of filling, hand tufted, high density foam, luxury Damask fabric and Hypoallergenic.
Single 2'6" or 3' - £169
Double 4' or 4'6" - £199
King Size 5' - £299
Super King Size 6' - £390

Mattress Only. Click here for Divan Set

Royal Damask Mattress
New to our range is this Hypoallergenic 26cm thick traditionally manufactured firm support mattress. 

Single 3' - £139
Double 4'6" - £179

Regency Ortho
A 22cm thick firm mattress in an attractive white and gold quilted fabric. Great support and amazing value.
Single 3' £100
Double 4' 6" £150

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